Dog photographer in North Wales

Your contract and payment

Once we have confirmed a session date you will receive your contract via email for your records. The contract will show the amount of deposit required and the date that this is due. This deposit secures your booking and can be paid by cash, cheque, bank transfer, debit/credit card or PayPal. The remaining balance will be due on the day of your shoot, and can be paid by cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

The session

I use natural light wherever possible to achieve natural looking shots, which means that outdoors is preferable, with mornings and evenings providing the best light (and lower temperatures in summer!). I will work with you to find the best possible time and location for the shoot, and if our great British weather isn't in our favour then we can easily reschedule.

I want your photo session to be a walk in the park (literally!). We will meet at your location and have a chat, finding out about your dog, playing around and learning what you would like to achieve from the shoot. This is also the time to introduce the camera to your dog - so they can get used to the long thing that is going to be pointing at them for the next couple of hours!

We will then have a walk and talk, capturing images on the way, finishing with any portrait style shots that you might want.

Here are a few hints and tips to get the best out of the session:

DO bring a toy, ball or other item that your dog enjoys playing with that will energise and engage them if required.
DO bring treats if you give these to your dog - they can often help make the shot!
DO take your dog to the location early if possible to give them the chance to settle and spend some energy!
DO think in advance of any shots that you would like of your dog (or you and your dog!). These can't be guaranteed but we will be able to work towards getting a photograph that you have in mind.
DO relax, don't worry and enjoy the shoot!

DON'T bring any more humans than you need to control your dog or be in the photographs. Too many faces can be distracting for your dog!
DON'T choose a location that your dog is unfamiliar with, unless they adapt easily. Your dog will be more relaxed in familiar surroundings and we will get more from the session.
DON'T worry about anything, we will make this a nice experience for everyone and you will come away with some great images of your dog!

Once we have finished, I will give you an idea of how long your images will take to be edited, but as a guide this can normally range from one to three days. When your photographs are ready, I will send you a link to your own private online viewing gallery. Here you will be able to see all the available images from your shoot, and you can select the images that you would like including as part of your chosen package, and order any additional products or prints as required. Your gallery will remain live for two weeks.

All images are printed by a professional laboratory, using high grade equipment and paper, and will be posted to you - usually within three days.

If you decide that you would like to order further prints after your online gallery has been removed, don't worry as we will store your images digitally for twelve months and remind you before they are disposed of.